Notices 30 April 2021

Notices 30 April 2021


There are two Minyonim for Mincha & Kabolas Shabbos at 19:00 in the Shul and at 20:00 in the hall.

The Rov’s Shabbos afternoon Gemoro Shiur takes place this week in the Shul at 19:50. The Shiur is scheduled for every Shabbos afternoon at 45 minutes before the second Minyan for Mincha.

There are two Minyonim, each for Mincha followed by Maariv during the coming week at 19:30 and at 20:00.

Anyone arriving in London from abroad must quarantine according to Government regulations before attending Shul.

Please note that all registrations submitted before Pesach have now been cancelled. If you have not re-registered since Pesach, you may not be admitted due to our need to comply with Government track & trace regulations. Please do NOT re-register every week, unless you are planning on changing any details in the Minyonim that you originally chose.

The Ezras Noshim is used as an overflow for Men for all afternoon/evening Tefillos, however, the area is reserved for the use of Ladies for all Shabbos, Yom Tov and weekday morning Tefillos.

Anyone wishing to sponsor one of the daily or one-off Shiurim to mark a Yahrzeit or other occasion can do so by contacting the Shul office on 8202 9183 or by email to

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in need of additional funds to make up for the regular donations from aliyos etc. One way in which you can help is by taking an advert in the annual Shul magazine/timetable. If you would like to do so, please complete the attached form and return it to the Shul office, either by hand, by post to 11 Brent Street, London NW4 2EU or by email to . All donations will be greatly appreciated.

The Rov will iy”H deliver a contemporary practical Halocho Shiur on Sunday, a Gemoro Shiur on Tuesday and a Parsha Shiur on Thursday. The Shiurim take place at 20:30, using the following login details:

Meeting ID: 843 6816 9049. Passcode: 352268. Dial in numbers: 1 929 205 6099 (USA): +972 55 330 1762 (Israel); +44 203 051 2874; +44 203 481 5237; +44 203 481 5240.

Rabbi Royde delivers daily Daf & Omud Yomi Shiurim. The Shiurim take place in the Skoler Beis Hamedrash whilst also being available on Zoom for those currently unable to attend in person.

Mr N D Turner’s Thursday night Gemoro Shiur is learning Masechta Rosh Hashonoh and takes place at 18:30 via Zoom. Newcomers always welcome.  Join meeting:  

The Wednesday morning Nach Shiur, takes place at 10:00 and is delivered by Mr Gerald Halibard. Join Zoom Meeting

The next Shiur in Dayan Yehoshua Posen’s series on Choshen Mishpot will take place at 10:00 on Sunday 9th May.

The Ovois Uvonim Summer programme continues at 18:30 on Shabbos in the Shul hall. Please contact David Goldberg at or on 07960 866 431 for further details.

The Shul WhatsApp group is a very useful means of disseminating information, providing updates specifically regarding Hendon Adath and staying in touch with each other. Thank you to Yossi Greenberg for arranging this service. If you have WhatsApp and wish to subscribe to this group, please send your request to: 07946 488 721.

The Rov’s contact details are: home address: 7 Shirehall Park, NW4 2QJ; home phone: 8202 2478; mobile phone: 07486 959 127; private and confidential email address:

If you are aware of members who do not have access to email, would you please be so kind as to relay the contents of the above to them.