Chazan Pesach Segal נ"י

rav segal1

On 22nd January 2012, a large crowd of well over 500 people, gathered at the Hasmonean Boys School, at a reception held to mark the retirement of Chazan Segal after 49 years of loyal and devoted service to our Kehilla.

Our members, including one who had travelled from Eretz Yisroel especially to be present at this historic occasion, were joined by friends of the Segal family. Over the course of his tenure, the Chazan had endeared himself to the Kehilla through his fine middos, devotion to duty – a characteristic mentioned constantly throughout the evening – and his anivus.

In his address, the Rov שליט”א, spoke of the extraordinary dedication and devotion shown by the Chazan whose beautiful voice was a gift from the רבונו של עולם and the Chazan had elevated this attribute by using it for the purpose of leading and inspiring the Kehilla in Tefilla. The Rov added that it must be a tremendous source of nachas to the Chazan and his wife to be זוכה to witness
the appointment of his youngest son, Rabbi Eli Segal as the new שליח צבור.

Before making a presentation to the Chazan on behalf of the Kehilla, the President, Mr Anthony Bloom, welcomed all the members and guests and thanked his colleagues for helping to organise the event. Mr Bloom mentioned that during the Chazan’s long period of service, he never abused his position, nor had he sought personal gain but had rather carried out his duties with honour and devotion. His Tefillos were enjoyed by all and in particular, anyone who had been fortunate enough to have heard the soaring quality of the Chazan’s legendary Yomim Noraim davening would never forgot the moving experience.


Chazan Segal had shared the joys and the sorrows, the laughter and the tears of the members of the Hendon Adath but always with his inestimable traits of dignity, respect and great anivus.

The Chazan, together with his אשת חיל, had raised a wonderful family who were a credit to them and a pride of the Kehilla. The Chazan, in his response, thanked the Rov and Mr Bloom for their kind words and Mr Oshy Guttentag for helping to organise the evening. He greatly appreciated the friendship and loyalty of the members of the Kehilla, both in word and deed and hoped that he had fulfilled his duties as שליח צבור and that his Tefillos were accepted on High.

He thanked the רבונו של עולם for having given him the zechus, wisdom and koach to have served as Chazan of the Hendon Adath for so many years.

The formal part of proceedings concluded most movingly with Chazan Segal’s three sons and four of his grandsons joining him in singing two Chazonishe pieces.

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