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The Shul begins

Hendon Hadath Shul, one of Londons largest Orthodox congregations, traces its origins to a handful of immigrants from Germany and Austria who established their own Congregration  in the late summer of 1939.


Rabbi Mordechai Knoblewicz זצ"ל

The Hendon Adath Kehilla is greatly saddened at the sudden Petirah of their Emeritus Rov, Rabbi Mordechai Knoblewicz זצ”ל, on Monday 25th January 1982, Rosh Chodesh Shvat 5742.

The profound sense of loss was most keenly felt when, at the לוויה, hundreds of mourners filled the streets and followed the procession on the way to the Shul. Upon arrival, the Oron was driven into the courtyard, where it paused for a minute of silent reflection in front of the open and illuminated windows and doors, through which the נפטר had entered daily for many years into his beloved בית הכנסת and בית המדרש.

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Chazan Pesach Segal נ"י

On 22nd January 2012, a large crowd of well over 500 people, gathered at the Hasmonean Boys School, at a reception held to mark the retirement of Chazan Segal after 49 years of loyal and devoted service to our Kehilla.

Our members, including one who had travelled from Eretz Yisroel especially to be present at this historic occasion, were joined by friends of the Segal family. Over the course of his tenure, the Chazan had endeared himself to the Kehilla through his fine middos, devotion to duty – a characteristic mentioned constantly throughout the evening – and his anivus.

In his address, the Rov שליט”א, spoke of the extraordinary dedication and devotion shown by the
Chazan whose beautiful voice was a gift from the רבונו של עולם and the Chazan had elevated this
attribute by using it for the purpose of leading and inspiring the Kehilla in Tefilla. The Rov added
that it must be a tremendous source of nachas to the Chazan and his wife to be זוכה to witness
the appointment of his youngest son, Rabbi Eli Segal as the new שליח צבור.


HaRav & Rebbetzen Pinchos Roberts שליט"א

Rav Pinchos Roberts was born and raised in Liverpool into a family that remained staunchly loyal to Torah values and Shmiras Hamitzos in spite of the winds of change that were prevalent amongst Anglo Jewry at the time. The Liverpool Kehilla was then led by the late Rav Zalman Plitnick זצ”ל whose brother-inlaw Rav Nachman Landinski זצ”ל was the first Rosh HaYeshiva in Gateshead.

In 1950, Rabbi Roberts joined Gateshead Yeshiva which was then headed by Rav Leib Gurwicz זצ”ל, Rav Leib Lopian זצ”ל, the Mashgiach Rav Moishe Schwab זצ”ל and the Menahel Rav Eliezer Kahan זצ”ל. His aptitude, eagerness to learn, perseverance and Hasmodo soon identified him as a budding Talmid Chochom. From the Yeshiva he graduated to the Gateshead Kollel renowned throughout the world for the calibre of the illustrious Talmidei Chachomim that constituted its membership. 

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