Our Rav

Rabbi Shloime Yitzchok Bixenspanner שליט"א

Rabbi Bixenspanner was born and brought up in Montreal, Canada as the oldest of
his parents’ four children. He attended a Mesivta led by HoRav Shmuel Unsdorfer זצ”ל
and the Yeshiva of HoRav Yechiel Meir Katz שליט”א in Montreal until the age of 17
when he received a Yoreh Yoreh Semicha. He then travelled to Switzerland to attend
Yeshiva in Lucerne under the tutelage of the legendary HoRav Yitzchok Dov
Koppleman זצ”ל.

At the age of 19, the Rov moved to Yeshivas Mir in Yerusholayim where he remained
until his marriage whereupon he re-located to a Kollel in Monsey, USA headed by
HoRav Chaim Flohr שליט”א. The Rov remained in Monsey for 11 years during which
time he established a reputation as a budding Lamdan and Poisek with a thorough
grounding in Shulchan Oruch obtaining Semichos and Shimush in Hilchos Ribbis,
Eruvin, Niddah and Daled Minim amongst others.

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