Rabbi Shloime Yitzchok Bixenspanner שליט"א

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Rabbi Bixenspanner was born and brought up in Montreal, Canada as the oldest of his parents’ four children. He attended a Mesivta led by HoRav Shmuel Unsdorfer זצ”ל and the Yeshiva of HoRav Yechiel Meir Katz שליט”א in Montreal until the age of 17 when he received a Yoreh Yoreh Semicha. He then travelled to Switzerland to attend Yeshiva in Lucerne under the tutelage of the legendary HoRav Yitzchok Dov Koppleman זצ”ל.

At the age of 19, the Rov moved to Yeshivas Mir in Yerusholayim where he remained until his marriage whereupon he re-located to a Kollel in Monsey, USA headed by HoRav Chaim Flohr שליט”א. The Rov remained in Monsey for 11 years during which time he established a reputation as a budding Lamdan and Poisek with a thorough grounding in Shulchan Oruch obtaining Semichos and Shimush in Hilchos Ribbis, Eruvin, Niddah and Daled Minim amongst others.

In 2004, the Rov moved back to his home Country and joined a Kollel in Toronto,
Canada under the guidance of HoRav Shloime Miller שליט”א. He then founded
Kehillas Kahal Yereim, obtained a Yodin Yodin Semicha on Choshen Mishpot and
became a Dayan in those matters as well as on Hilchos Gittin.

The Rov has gained valuable experience in dealing with matters as varied as troubled teenagers, matrimonial issues, addiction problems, financial disputes and Chinuch challenges. The Rov has also served for a number of years as the Rav Hamachshir for Shechita, wine and cheese production companies.


Rabbi Bixenspanner is a prolific writer and has published Seforim and Kuntressin on sugyos throughout all four Chalokim of Shulchan Oruch.

The Rov is continuously and ably supported in all his endeavours by his devoted Rebbetzen ‘שתחי , née Hershkowitz from Boro Park, New York.

Over a few days around Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach2015, Rabbi and Rebbetzen Bixenspanner travelledfrom Toronto, Canada to spend an extended weekend
with the Hendon Adath. The Rov undertook a challenging, multi-faceted programme of droshos, Shiurim and individual meetings with members and made a very favourable impression. 

On Thursday 3rd December 2015, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held in the Shul hall following which, the Rov was elected as the successor to our revered Rabbi Pinchos Robertsשליט”א

The Rov made a number of subsequent visits which facilitated the development of the familiarisation process between the Rov and the Kehilla. 

The Rov and his family re-located to London at the end of the Summer holidays and formally took up the position as our spiritual leader on Rosh Chodesh Elul 5776.

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