HaRav & Rebbetzen Pinchos Roberts שליט"א​

rabbi roberts

Rav Pinchos Roberts was born and raised in Liverpool into a family that remained staunchly loyal to Torah values and Shmiras Hamitzos in spite of the winds of change that were prevalent amongst Anglo Jewry at the time. The Liverpool Kehilla was then led by the late Rav Zalman Plitnick זצ”ל whose brother-inlaw Rav Nachman Landinski זצ”ל was the first Rosh HaYeshiva in Gateshead.

In 1950, Rabbi Roberts joined Gateshead Yeshiva which was then headed by Rav Leib Gurwicz זצ”ל, Rav Leib Lopian זצ”ל, the Mashgiach Rav Moishe Schwab זצ”לand the Menahel Rav Eliezer Kahan זצ”ל. His aptitude, eagerness to learn, perseverance and Hasmodo soon identified him as a budding Talmid Chochom. From the Yeshiva he graduated to the Gateshead Kollel renowned throughout the world for the calibre of the illustrious Talmidei Chachomim that constituted its membership. 

He remained in Gateshead Al HaTorah V’al HoAvodah until April 1965, by which time he had established his reputation as a leading Lamdan, when he was appointed Rov of the Hendon Adath Congregation, one of the leading Kehillas in the country and remained its Rov for the past 50 years until his recent retirement. 

During this period, he added lustre and honour to his Kehilla, continuing to enhance its reputation and was involved in all aspects of kehilla life in North-West London. As well as acting as a leader and Halachic Authority to his members, his activities included the giving of a wide range of Shiurim, involvement with local Jewish education and serving as an active
member of the Beis Din of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. His advice was and continues to be sought in many areas of Yiddishkeit by the members of his community and beyond. 


Rabbi Roberts is the author of the Prisms of Torah, Timeless Seasons and the recently published The Torah Prism Revisited. He also has written a number of ספרים under the title יבקשו תורה.

The Hendon Adath have been fortunate and privileged to have had Rabbi Roberts at its helm as leader and  מוראה הוראה for almost half a century.  Throughout this period, countless Shuirim have been given by the Rov, each one delivered with an erudition, depth and clarity for which he is renowned, with the Shabbos Shuvoh and Shabbos HaGodol Droshos a local highlight attracting audiences in the hundreds. 

The Kehilla certainly sense the void that the Rov’s departure will leave and will not only miss his wonderful Shirurim, but also the fervour for Torah the Rov always demonstrates, the advice he always dispenses and the opportunity of being able to daven in his presence, particularly during the Yomin Noraim. This vacuum will be felt not only by our Kehilla, but by North-West London at large.

He has continuously and ably been assisted throughout his years of service by his devoted Rebbetzen (née Hoff). All his children are all involved in the Torah world and are following the paths shown to them by their esteemed parents.

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